Obstacles and Challenges

Berzerker will present you with familiar obstacles (such as mud pits, walls, and crawls) and new team inspired obstacles and challenges. The team challenges are bigger and tougher than the individuals obstacles and cannot be completed alone.

If you are up for the challenge, gather three (3) friends and conquer the course. You may enter the course as friends but you will finish as a team.

What to Expect

While this is a team event, individuals will face walls, mud pits, crawls, and carries, which will push your limit forcing you to relay on your team.

Members must work together to conquer multiple large Obstacles and Challenges, which cannot be completed alone.

Task and feats of endurance that both individuals and teams must complete. Not an obstacle, but they may be included.



Charlie Foxtrot
It is a complete Cluster #%*$ comprised of Tires, Wooden Jax, Wire, and Mud. Crawl, Duck, Jump, and Roll you way through this mess of an obstacle.


They come in different shapes and sizes.  Get over the wall and carry on. (Don't worry if you need help your team can assist)


It may be under barb wire, a fence, through tubes, or in mud and water.

Tomahawk Throw

Throw a tomahawk at a target 12" away, stick and move on, miss and the whole teams pays.  Exercise decided at event but the break down is as follows: 1 = 12 reps, 2 = 24 reps, 3 = 32 reps, 4 = 40 reps; reps = total to be completed by the team.



Something enormous in size and/or power. Our obstacle is no different. This monster of a wall, is the largest in the West, measuring is 12’ high and 15’ long. It will take nothing less than a team to take conquer this beast.

Monkey Chains

Just like monkey bars. Except the bars move, because they are attached to chains. There is no monkeying around here, teamwork is needed to navigate this obstacle. Each bar moves to a different degree. Some swing, some jiggle, and others spin.


Team Challenges‎

Log Carry

Your team will carry a large log while navigating challenging terrain and moderate obstacles. As with the tire carry, you’ll just have to see what else is in store for you and your team.

Tire Carry

Why flip a tractor tire, when you can carry it? Your team will carry their tire while navigating challenging terrain and moderate obstacles. As for the rest, you’ll just have to see.

Individual Challenges‎


At over 100' long every participant will need Bear crawl, Explode, Roll and Run through this challenge.  Each letter stands for a different movement or exercise.


It might be a sand bag, cinder block, a log, or anything with weight.  One thing for sure is that you will have to carry and perform navigate at least one obstacle with the item.

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