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Berzerker OCR currently offers two event types, The Team Obstacle and Endurance Challenge (TOEC) and the BerzerKid's race.

The Team Obstacle and Endurance Challenge is a 4-person team obstacle course race, the first of its kind. For this event 4-team members will navigate a 5k+ course with 25+obstacles and challenges. Teams will be required to start and finish the race together. There are both Elite, Military, and Open divisions.

Elite is a competitive division (16+), where teams will compete for an cash purse.

Military is also a competitive division (18+), which is only open to active military and veterans, and pits branch against branch, in a friendly competition . There is not cash prize, the winners earn bragging rights over the other branches.

OpenĀ is a non-competitive division (14+), where teams of 4 navigate the same course as the Elite and Military competitors. While you will navigate the course with a small team, other teams may help one another complete the various challenges.

BerzerKid's is a 1k-1m kids (ages 4-16) obstacle course race designed to mimic the adult race. Kids will be placed into pairs and run the course together. Participants will learn how to work together to accomplish common tasks, which will help them develop skills in the areas of teamwork, socialization, and trust. Start time will be assigned on the day of the event according to age and ability. Parents may run along side their children to take pictures and coach them, however, the race is not a family run.

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